Friday, 16 December 2016

GoodBye Old Friends = Blog

Hello, darkness my old friends. Today is going to be our last day of my blog. I had lots of fun using my blog. Goody Bye to all the people who viewed my blog.  

Monday, 28 November 2016

Rotoroa Island Photo

Hello blog world, This is some of the photos that we took at our island trip. I worked with Roman and Nikolai.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Rotoroa trip

Yesterday we went to Rotoroa Island. It was fun. Here is my writing.

DownTown Auckland

“First!, first!, first!” I say to Nikolai. We sat on the first seat. I was near the window and he was beside me. “Sorry but you have to shift to another place Anas and Nikolai” Mrs Archer said. We shifted 1 seat back. This time it was the opposite. Nikolai was near the window and I was beside him. Vrooom, Vrooom. “Here we go” I announce.

While we were going we saw the big banner. On the banner was “I ♡ sushi”.

During the time I saw a sigh and there was place where is was blank so I made a joke.”Do you hate it when you're lost and you see a sign, but the place you want to go is blank” Nikolai Laughed to much. Mr Archer said “what are you too laughing about” Nikolai told Mr Archer the joke. She said, “You guys are nuts,” in a nice way. Nikolai Chuckled.

We saw the same sushi banner again . It felt like we were V.I.P, Why I thought that was because we go on the bus lane and we get no traffic.

I saw a shop called wow, wow, wow. There was a quote “This is the wowest shop in NZ”. It seemed to be a fun, food shop.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Swimming Diary Session 2

Splash!, Splash!, In the water. "What are already recording. Anyways hi there people. I am right now in the swimming pool. Oh we have to get kicking now. Splash!, Splash!, Wow that was a bit hard kicking so much". I learnt how to stroke and more things. It was pretty fun. Swimming 2nd week was pretty fun.
This Is Osaia

And George

Friday, 14 October 2016

The Day Starts!!! Swimming Week 1

Thump!, Thump!, I walk at the start." Oh hey, did not see you there. I just went in cameron pools. I am going with my class. It fells so hot in here. Wait up let me just get changed."

"Aaa, fells so nice. We now going in lets go" Stop wait forgot to tell you how I got in so what I did was I went in facing the pool than I turned around and went in.

I was doing some rounds in the group 2 the second highest group. Than this teacher came and tested us, I ended up in group one the basic one.

At the end we had to clap and go down the rope.

Here some Photos.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

AS NK RM GM advertisement

Hello Blog World,
Todays blog post is about my advertisement. I did Nikolai, Roman, George. This was super fun. I really liked it.

Here is the video.

Thursday, 25 August 2016

AS ToolKits Reflection

Hello blog world, Two days ago we had an toolkits day. If you do not know what tookits are they are a time when people from other school come and go in sessions to learn new things. I was in toolkits we had it at our school. I went to making music that was fun. We could make music using websites. After that we had a 15 minutes break. Than we went to a session called thinker cad that was fun. After that it me and my group time to do the presentation that was fun. The thing that could get better in my presentation could be have more advanced presentation and every buddy's chrome book check so that have it. The thing that would make the toolkits better is to have more schools come in.